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s. She thi●nks we are only so-so. Sunday Sc●hool. Friend, you write

to T.? I don’t, I d■on’t care. Wait, I going to fix mys●elf up and I going to wait fo●r him and then I going to wipe my nose and then● I going away from him. Friend■, I am so happy now that we are goi■ng to go West. We are going to take● other girls with us. We go like● soldiers—hurrah, hurrah, like● soldiers to the war. Friend, if you answer me r●i

ght away I going to answer too. When● you don’t answer on four letters so I don’t● think you care for me. Goodnigh■t, Sunday School. Let the bed-bu●gs bite you? Friend you have fello●w in the bed. You go with him to sleep? In th■e night when bite me some I kill h●im so blood runs. Write right awa■y. ... I am crying so much—I hav●e such a hard work.

Everything hurts● me; I am all broke down. If I can only come● free I wouldn’t mind to have no●t even a shirt. I would give everything if we c●an be free. Friend, if you only kno●w how I feel bad but don’t say anything to your● lady. You know what Miss R. wrote, that I ■always ask you to come over. You must told ■something to your lady or you wrote som

e●thing to Miss R. Now I don’t care any more ●if no one comes to see me. Forgive me ●if I write such a letter. I ■don’t know what to say—I want to go to bed, ●its 10 o’clock. I want you to get the le■tter right away Monday. Answer me ■right away what you think if you want to be ■with me. If you like your sis■ter better, so stick to her an●d I go my

●with my sweetheart. When you go there frien■d, if you give me every month a dollar f■or your dress, like a friend. Answer ●right away. [March, 1915] ... My lady told■ me everything be much better next winter. I■ going to have a nice warm room. This winter I h●ad awfully cold room. I went to bed with my clot■hs. She didn’t give me no bl■ankets, so I sleep in my 188clothes and I used■ to take hot iron with me to warm up the be■d, so bad I have here. Friend, I got to go to s●chool every Wednesday but ne●xt Wednesday I wouldn’t go, I go to the da■nce. I

have white dress under the bl■ack skirt and long coat and

she going ■to think that I go to school. ●I leave my skirt and my books in● my friends house and I go to t●he dance, ha, ha, ha. Come wi■th me ha, ha, I have ther

m because

e lots of

nice young bo●ys and the man who brings me the eggs ■and lots of other nice young man, so I goin●g to have nice time. Dear, I went● Sunday out and I went to the gir

I only wante

l■, her sis

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